Monday, April 4, 2022

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     In today's world, more and more men are becoming interested in their outward appearance. It has become a key factor in men’s lives to have diverse ways to express themselves through the lens of fashion. While there may be many distinctive styles in which men can highlight themselves, from a formal appearance to a more laidback streetwear, that does not negate the many challenges men can face when trying to accomplish this. 

For the purposes of this topic, we will examine Shon Barthell’s thoughts on today's fashion trends, while also giving us insight into his own style and philosophy revolving around men’s fashion. In addition, Barthell will share his own struggles he faces when approaching men’s fashion. 

For starters, let’s take a look at Barthell’s own personal style. “My personal style is centered mostly around streetwear.", said Barthell.  Barthell’s fashion sense matches well with his extroverted and easygoing personality. It allows him to be in a more comfortable state of mind when he expresses himself. As to the origin of his style, Barthell provides further insight.  

“This specific style came from my sisters; they always stop me from walking out the house if I was wearing an outfit that was questionable and they would tell me to change until I was matching with colors and had on a fit that was acceptable.” From this background it’s clear that Barthell has always been under pressure to look his best. This is a similar feeling many men can face, whether it comes from their family or even friends. “Therefore, I had grown into a state where I would just beat them to the punch and put on an outfit that was good from the start, until it just became part of my everyday style.” said Barthell, proving just how important fashion is to him, and how he decided to make his style his own.  

However, pursuing his fashion sense hasn’t come without its own challenges that Barthell has had to face. “When I wear these types of outfits to school, I get judged by most of my peers for dressing my best.” said Barthell. The fear of being judged by one's own peers is a huge obstacle for men trying to present themselves. Despite these challenges, Barthell finds ways to overcome them. “It just feels good to look good, as plays into the looks that someone gets from having a good fashion sense.” 

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Tuesday, March 29, 2022

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  This blog post will consist of the first set of photos I took for my magazine